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Bottled Water Dispenser

The bottled water dispenser isn’t just for work anymore. In your mind, you may have the stereotypical look of a huge water bottle sitting on top of a plain looking plastic dispenser with little blue, red, or white knobs. While those are still available and perfectly adequate for an office setting, in the home you might be going with something a little more decorative.

In fact, you can find water dispensers that either hide a water bottle or have no bottle at all. Now you may think a bottled water dispenser without a bottle would just be a kitchen sink! However, a “bottleless” water dispenser can give you the additional features of cold water (as if from the refrigerator) and hot water (near boiling) virtually on tap. And, of course, a bottled water dispenser give you these features as well.

It’s definitely nice to have refreshingly cold water on tap as well as being able to make hot tea or hot cocoa without having to boil the water first.

Now if you do choose to get a water dispenser without a bottle, you want to be sure and get one that has some sort of water filtration. This shouldn’t be necessary with a bottled water dispenser, as the water should already be somewhat purified with any potential contaminants removed before it gets delivered to your home.

Home Or Office?

Unless you’re trying to impress someone, you can go with a bottled water dispenser for the office that doesn’t attempt to win any design awards. In most offices employees will just be happy to not drink out of the tap which may “taste funny” or have to bring their own bottled water. In this case you can just go with the classic design style of the exposed 5 gallon water bottle on top with the plastic base and leave out the chilled and hot water options. If you have a lot of tea drinker in your office, you may want to go ahead and add the hot water option and score some points with your employees.

However, in the home is a different story. You’ll likely want something that either blends into your decor or even accentuates it. In this case you can get bottled water dispensers that have a complete stainless steel enclosure, fine wood enclosures, or you could even have something custom-built into an existing alcove. Attractive dispensers are commercially available and can usually be ordered easily online.

With A Bottle or Without?

There are a couple of arguments for and against getting a water dispenser either with or without a bottle.

In the traditional sense, the bottled water dispenser that has a bottle requires you knowing pretty well how much water you go through every week or couple of weeks. You also need to store that water and the empty bottles. On the upside it’s pretty much a “set it and forget it” process, other than occassionally cleaning out the dispenser base. And you may be able to get the water delivery person to do that for you as part of their service.

The main advantage to the “bottle-less” water dispenser is that you don’t have to store the five gallon bottles (either empty or full). These dispensers tie directly into the water supply of your home or office. But it’s also part of the down side. You will need to hire a plumber to come in and tap off of your existing water line, unless you are able to do this sort of plumbing work on your own. There’s also a little more maintenance in that you will need to change the filter periodically and clean out the small resevoir that most of these dispensers have to avoid fugus or bacterial contamination.

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