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Stainless Steel Water Cooler

With many contemporary homes opting for a stainless steel motif in the kitchen, it makes sense to get a stainless steel water cooler. The last thing you want to do in you home is bring something in that clashes with the rest of your decor. And since a stainless steel water cooler is more likely to go into a home rather than a business they are more likely to have family friendly features.

These coolers will typically not just have refrigeration to make the water cool, but will also have a heating element to provide hot water as well. This is great for making hot cocoa, tea or even instant noodles since it saves you the time needed for boiling water. The hot water spigots on a stainless steel water cooler will typically have a “child proof” feature that can be operated by an adult, but is difficult for children to work with. This is important since the water is hot enough to be painful if it pours onto the skin.

When you’re looking to purchase a water cooler of this type you need to be aware of some quality factors. Sometime a popular design or brand will get copied by less reputable companies using inferior products. Complaints are common from people thinking they’re getting a really good deal on a stainless steel water cooler only to find out that cheap plastic was used on the internal construction. This cheap plastic can add a bad taste to the water that you’re paying good money for to have delivered.

In addition to cheap plastic, some might not have good seals in between the water reservoirs and the heating elements. This would cause any chemicals used in the heat exchanger areas to come into contact with the water and also cause bad taste or even make some people ill. And it’s not just chemicals and poor choice in construction materials that can be a problem.

If a company is really trying to cut corners and make cheap copies of popular stainless steel water cooler models they will likely use cheap compressors. The compressor is the motor on a cooler that is part of the refrigeration process, just like the one on your refrigerator. A cheap compressor will likely be quite noisy or even fail after a short amount of use.

On the positive side, when you do have a reliable unit that functions well, you really begin to enjoy having chilled and hot water readily available whenever you want it. If you find a good brand, you might want to see if they also have models with a built-in mini-fridge. These are perfect for recreation rooms or other areas that may be away from the kitchen as they can keep sodas, fruit, yogurt or other small items cool. Since the system is already in place to chill water, it is not a large stretch for a company to add this feature into their units.

The same caution goes for the mini-fridge units as goes for the regular stainless steel water coolers – you need to know that the mechanics of the refrigeration unit, especially the compressor, will work reliably and will be at least as quit as the compressor motor on your full size refrigerator.

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