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Sunbeam Water Cooler

The once popular Sunbeam water cooler is now a rare and difficult unit to find. If you already have one it’s probably been several years since you purchased it new and it may be time for some maintenance and repair. Fortunately parts are still available and you can get instructions for taking apart and reassembling your cooler.

Probably the most common replacement items on the Sunbeam water cooler are the faucet assemblies. Part of what makes this water cooler so popular is that it had three different temperature options. There is a valve for chilled water, one for hot water, and a third for water that is not cooled or heated. The downside to having three temperature options is that it is possible to have three points of failure on the faucets.

If you’re not confident in the quality of the stock replacement parts, you can actually get ones from a manufacturer called Tomlinson. They make faucet assemblies for the Sunbeam water cooler in the three original faucet colors: red, blue and white. The offer the assemblies individually and come with all necessary parts.

Alternatively, if you can still read the phone number on the back of your cooler you can call Sunbeam and they may replace the unit for you. However, the warranty period has likely expired and it would be difficult for them to replace your unit since they no longer make them. Your best bet is to purchase a replacement or get the aftermarket parts to make the repair yourself.

If you have purchased your Sunbeam water cooler second hand and do not have access to the manual, you will be able to get one from appliance repair specialists. You will find several online businesses that offer the repair, service and operations manuals for a small fee.

For those looking to just periodically clean out the dispenser there is a fairly simple procedure. It’s one similar to what you do with other appliances that handle water regularly.

Sunbeam Water Cooler Cleaning

  1. Unplug the cooler from the wall
  2. Remove all the water from the dispenser by draining through the faucets
  3. Add four cups of white vinegar to the system
  4. Then pour in eight cups of hot tap water to the vinegar in the system
  5. Leave this mix in the unit for 60 minutes
  6. Drain all this mixture from the cooler through any of the faucets
  7. Continue pouring hot, clean water through the unit (at least 12 cups) and drain it through the faucets until all of the vinegar taste is removed

After this procedure the Sunbeam water cooler will be clean ready for more useful service.

Sunbeam Water Cooler Video