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Sunbeam Water Dispenser

It used to be easy to find a Sunbeam water dispenser in most retail outlets. But Sunbeam has stopped making them and now they can only be found in the second hand market. If you can find one you should be able to get a good deal. If you find one you should pick it up because with a minimal investment you will be able to restore to as good as new. It may be even better than new if you get the right replacement parts.

The Sunbeam water dispenser had one part that seemed to fail before others. Actually, it was three different parts. Since these water dispensers typically had three outlets for hot, cold, and room temperature water you had three different valves that could fail. You can find some very nice replacements for these valves that may even be more reliable than the original units.

This one repair alone can extend the life of your water dispenser for years. And if you can find someone who is selling theirs mainly because of leaky valves then you really can score a deal. One other thing to work about with these dispensers is the heating and cooling units.

One reason why the Sunbeam water dispenser was so popular is that it has the ability to make not only chilled water but hot water as well. And if you didn’t want either, there is a third valve that delivers room temperature water. The thing with added complexity is that it also introduces more points of failure. With the water heating unit you have to worry about water heating coils.

The heating unit doesn’t have any moving parts so the main concern is with an electrical failure. In general, purely electrical components tend to be fairly reliable so there’s not much risk of a failure here. But if something does go wrong here, it’s simply a matter of find a replacement heating unit and swapping it out. You should be able to find aftermarket replacement heating units or you may even be able to salvage one from another water dispenser.

The chilling side of the sunbeam water dispenser has more moving parts and so is more subject to breakdown. Not only do you have the heat exchanger on the chilling side that pulls the heat out of the water to be dispensed, but you have a compressor motor pumping coolant through a set of coils. If the coils are allowed to corrode it’s possible to get pinhole sized leaks. The refrigerant can escape from these leaks and will cause the cooling section to stop working properly. This is generally easy to troubleshoot.

If the compressor motor keeps running but the water doesn’t get any cooler you likely have a leak. These leaks are difficult to find and reliably repair. So if the chilling side of your Sunbeam water dispenser is no longer making the water cold you could have an expensive repair on your hands. This is one of the few circumstances where you would need to consider getting rid of it.

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